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Hello, I’m Frank. Currently I'm working as Head of Security Engineering and Business Development Manager for a german company. Show me your business processes and IT systems and I can show you how data can be stolen from your company and how you can improve and protect the value stream and the information flow in your company.

With over 20 years of experience in the areas of SecOps, System Engineering, SRE, DevOps and classical system administration for Linux- and Unix-based server networks I understand what your server guys are doing.

Almost the same amount of years I used some of my free time to create software for my daily life. Code in Python, Scala, C/C++, Perl, Bash and other programming languages is familiar to me.

Data protection is not only IT security for me. I have a wide view of data protection. From server configurations over your source code up to business processes and awareness training, I keep an eye on everything that is relevant for data privacy and IT security. With a straight-forward risk management, detected risks are mitigated and step by step IT security comes closer to how it should be.

The rest of my free time I spend with reading news, writing (blog) articles, reading books, analogue and digital photography and creating some digital art on my iPad.



Security Frameworks

Softskills ;)

Operating Systems

Programming and Scripting Languages

Servers and more

And of course I can work with common Linux/Unix CLI tools, IaC (Terraform, Saltstack, Ansible or Rex), version control with Git or Mercurial SCM and everything else required for modern configuration, logging and application management.


I worked in some very different companies and environments in the past. Here are some of them from the last years.

Dr. Michael Gorski Consulting
I joined Michael's company as a Senior Security Consultant but already 3 months later he promoted me to the Head of Security Engineering. Looks like I'm good at what I'm doing. ;) And since it turned out that I had some talent in explaining our services well to customers and showing them why investments in cybersecurity are essential for every company, I also took over some areas in business development. I really enjoy working at DMG, because I have a lot of freedom and can push forward the entire company.

I joined AppConceptionOne as the CISO. After I implemented a basic ISMS into the company I also took a look at the management processes. Since I have a strong focus on lean management, I began to look at our company from this perspective. So I re-worked our management procedures and began to implement a real lean management approach into our company. This led to me also taking on the COO role in the company.

I joined Personio in a very early startup phase. In the beginning I supported them as a freelancer in DevOps engineering and system administration. When the GDPR became mandatory, Personio offered me a permanent position as their Security Manager. In this role, I made the company GDPR-compliant, set up incident management, started implementing risk management and helped to build a security team that fits their fast growing environment.

Bild Digital GmbH /
I worked for Bild Digital / as a system administrator. In this role I hardened the systems for "Bild deckt auf" and re-structured multiple satellite systems running on AWS.

Mokono /
For Mokono I worked 2 times. At my first time with them I helped to move their complete office network to new rooms and got some first insights into their server network. Because of some differences between their CTO at that time and me I left them very fast again. But after a few years, I returned to fix the problems in their server network that I predicted the first time around. Beside that in this company I took the role as the DPO (Data Privacy Official) the first time in my career.

These are just a few stations of my career. But each one gave me new knowledge and new experiences that helped me to become the allrounder I am now.

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Email: frank at
Phone: +49 15678447860

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